Some Best Academic Guidelines to Complete a Qualitative Dissertation

Generally writing a dissertation is the last stage of the educational journey, so, at this point abilities and skills to conduct research are tested in the selective discipline. Moreover, with the help of content writing skills, the abilities of students are testified. So, the outcomes of Dissertation are very important that will provide value for the community as well as the academic system. It is necessary to write clearly the dissertation with deep research and analysis. First of all, the student needs to clarify the term dissertation before starting it. The term Dissertations is used to produce the outcomes of independent research for an undergraduate program whereas a thesis is made for the achievement of a degree of Masters.To write a dissertation is a great challenge for the students so they must use their skills to cope with those challenges. One thing that makes the dissertation interesting for students is that students should think that it is not the part of their studies they just want to research to work for the community and developing a vale for the community.
Steps to writing a qualitative Dissertation:

The first most important step is to write a proposal for the Dissertation.The proposal persuades the members that you are doing something for the community. At the under-graduation level, mentor sees the proposal and will discuss the further improvements that should be made in the research.

Structure of Proposal should be like this

· Title of Dissertation

· Objectives

· Literature Review

· Research

· Methodology

· Potential Outcomes

· Time Frame

· Limitations

· List of References

The second step in writing the dissertation is to conduct an effective as well as appropriate researchto theoverall development of theproject.The first most important thing while starting the dissertation is to make a timeline for the research stage. Then rights sources should be analysed that will be appropriate for the research. For instance, Wikipedia is not reliable source instead Googlescholar and government websites are reliable sources.

The third step is to start writing the dissertation. First, make the outline that you want towrite’

The outline should contain the following points. First, you have to write Introduction. So, you have to write thebackground of the problem, issue statement, and purpose of the study and research question. In the literature review, you have to review the past research that is relevant to your topic. Then you should write the methodology which you are going to use in order to conduct research. Moreover, the next step is findings that are also very important as it shows the intellectual capacity which you possess.Lastly, you will drive the conclusion.

At the four-stage, you need to reread and edit the dissertation and remove the grammatical mistakes and make the content clear.

At the last stage, you should get feedback before the submission of the dissertation to the university. You should ask your mentor to give more suggestion if possible in order to improve the dissertation. In this way, the student can remove the weak points of the dissertation.

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