How Does Good Food Make Someone Happy?

In order to grow and develop, there requires some nutrients and energy. These nutrients and energy are gained by eating such diet which is rich in vegetables and fruits. After eating such a diet, one can spend a healthy and happy life. Its reason is that this kind of diet can reduce the risk of heart attacks and other diseases. Our body gains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins from these vegetables and fruits. These nutrients are helpful for a person to stay healthy and productive. Here, experts in dissertation proposal writing services will discuss how good food makes someone happy.

1) Weight loss
Most of the people gain weight because they don’t take care of their diet. By eating good and nutrient diet, one can easily lose his weight. By losing weight, one can get rid of several diseases like heart diseases, poor bone density and cancer. Its reason is that if a person wants to lose his weight, he has to reduce his calorie intake. One can easily reduce his calorie intake by eating vegetables and fruits rather than processed food.

2) Reduced cancer risk
It is a fact that an unhealthy or poor diet can lead a person towards obesity and obesity can increase the chances of a person to develop the risks of cancer. According to the research of American Society of Clinical Oncology, obesity can contribute a lot towards cancer and by eating a nutrient diet like fruits and vegetables; we can save ourselves from cancer. Its reason is that most of fruits and vegetable act as antioxidants and these antioxidants protect the damage of such cells which can become a cause of cancer.

3) Diabetes management
A healthy diet is also helpful for a person who is suffering from diabetes. By eating a healthy diet, one can reduce obesity, he can manage his blood pressure level, he can also control his glucose level, he can also keep the cholesterol level within the target range, and a person can also delay the complications of diabetes.

4) Heart health and stroke prevention
According to research, almost 92 million people in the US are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, one can easily prevent himself from heart stroke or other heart diseases by adopting some essential lifestyle changes. In these lifestyle changes, there come some physical activities and healthy diet.

5) The health of the next generation
It is a fact that children try to adopt the habits of their parents. If the parents are eating a healthy diet and they are taking some physical exercises, they tend to pass these healthy activities in their children. Moreover, the children who eat with their parents can also save them from sugary and salty foods. Its reason is that most of the families rely on the vegetables and fruits in their homes.

6) Strong bones and teeth

A good diet has an adequate amount of calcium and magnesium. This adequate amount of calcium and magnesium is necessary for stronger teeth and bones. These healthy bones can prevent a person from osteoporosis.

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