Undergraduate Dissertation Structure

When you are asked to write a dissertation, a prompt to write the dissertation is also provided. This prompt consists of all the guidelines and requirements that are necessary for the students to write a dissertation. It is one of the most important requirements of a dissertation that should be written by following the professional structure and format. The best way to get an idea about the professional structure and format of the dissertation is to read out the best dissertation samples. Dissertation writing services are the best resources to get these dissertation samples. Some essential tips and guidelines to write an undergraduate dissertation are given below;

1) Preliminary pages

Before writing the main chapters of the dissertation, it is necessary for us to prepare preliminary pages. These preliminary pages are known as the most essential components of the undergraduate dissertation. Some essential preliminary pages that are necessary to include in the undergraduate dissertation are given below;

A) Title page
B) Acknowledgement
C) Abstract page
D) Table of contents
E) List of figures
F) List of tables
G) List of abbreviations
H) Glossary

2) Introduction

The introduction is the first main chapter of the undergraduate dissertation. In the introductory section of the dissertation, students should try to establish their research questions by providing enough background information, they should narrow down their focus, they should define the scope of their research, they should discuss the existing state of research, they should clearly state the research questions, they should provide an idea about all the research objectives and it is also necessary for them to provide an idea about the overall structure of the dissertation. 

3) Literature review

A literature review is the second main chapter of the dissertation. The literature review chapter of a dissertation provides a thorough overview of existing research relevant to your topic idea. For this reason, students just need to gather enough sources, critically analyze each source and try to draw connections between these sources. 

4) Research methodology

The research methodology is also an essential chapter of the dissertation. A research methodology chapter provides an idea of how you have conducted your research and also allow the readers to get access to the validity of the research methodology. In the research methodology chapter of the dissertation, students should try to include the overall approach of research and methods to collect the data.

5) Results

The results section of your dissertation provides an idea about all the results of the data that you have gathered after conducting enough research. While presenting results in the results section of your dissertation, you should make sure that these results should be relevant to your objectives and research questions. You can also present your results in the form of tables, graphs and charts. 

6) Discussion

After presenting the results of your dissertation, it is also necessary for you to present the meanings and implications of these results. While presenting the meanings and implications of these results, you should make sure that these meanings and implications should be relevant to the research questions of your dissertation. In this chapter, it is also necessary for you to explain how these results are relevant to your framework that you have set in the earlier chapters of the dissertation. If there are some limitations in your results, you should try to explain these limitations in this chapter of the dissertation. 

7) Conclusion

The conclusion is also an essential chapter of your dissertation. With the help of concluding the chapter of your dissertation, you will have to present central arguments of your dissertation. These central arguments should be presented concisely. While presenting these central arguments, you should make sure that these arguments should provide answers to your research questions concisely. It means that the conclusion is the last chapter of the dissertation where you wrap up your dissertation with final conclusions. 

8) Reference list

To write a dissertation, you will have to gather the data from a different resource. While writing the dissertation, it is necessary for you to provide references for these resources in the references section of the dissertation. This references section saves your dissertation from the plagiarism issues. Moreover, this reference section also provides an idea to the readers that you have gathered the data from authentic and reliable resources. 

9) Appendices

There are some essential documents that we can’t directly include in the main chapters of the dissertation but these chapters are helpful for us to provide answers to the research questions. These documents are in the form of interview transcripts, tables and figures etc. We can easily present these documents in the appendices section of the dissertation. 

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