How Online Education Has Changed The Way We Study?

Online Education
Technology has shown wonders in the 21st century. It has miraculously changed the ways of teaching and learning along with ideas and practices. It has expanded access to education. Opportunities of collaboration have been increased through online education and dissertation writing service UK. Technology is a powerful tool that can transform education in many ways.

Communication Evolution: Students are free to communicate to the peers and teachers that have given way to new and better means of communication.

Expanding Audience: The audience has changed from the teacher to the students. The learning through internal is student-centered.

Poster Boards: A Thing of the Past: The students can present their ideas and understanding about the topic through posters and boards. It is the reflection of the students’ prior learning.

Bye to 3-Ring Binders: Students need not carry 3-ring binders or bulky notes anymore. A computer or may be a tablet is enough to store all the necessary information.

Interactive Textbooks: The interactive textbooks are the ones that contain web-based activities. For this, it shares web links that include assessment, animations, videos and other material to support learning of a new topic.

eBooks on the Rise: As compared to the textbooks and workbooks, the e-books like tablets and iPads are more preferable as it serves both, as a textbook and a workbook at the same time.

No More Note Passing: Instead of passing notes to each other, students post their work on the social media where all the fellows can view it.

Disappearance of the Chalkboard:Interactive gaming is time effective and interesting as compared to the conventional board and chalk teaching.

Assistive Tech for Better Communication:Assistive technology like, voice recognition software has been a useful tool in education. It has helped the students with special needs and the students who are less English proficient.

Extended Classroom Activities: The internet has facilitated the teachers and students in extended classroom activities and in establishing virtual classroom. Edmodo is the most prominent example of a virtual classroom.

Rise of Web-based Research: The learning and research is now more dependent on internet to compose a descriptive essay. Students prefer web-based research rather than entering into the libraries, as it was done in the past years.

Meeting the Needs of all Learners: Technology has helped the teachers to meet the needs of all the learners as it is explained in the Howard Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligence.

Educational Mobile Applications:
Mobile applications are the major avatar of online education and students can remain connected to their teachers and fellow students very easily. Students can buy essays online easily using mobile apps.

Use of Multimedia:
Technology and media has laid a positive impact in the field of education. They have engaged the students in the activities that are of their interest which has become a way forward to learning with fun. Technology plays an important role in the education. It has evolved and will continue to change the aspects of learning and teaching. With the arrival of education, students have more options of learning in a versatile way. Online education has been successful so far.

Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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