5 Online Learning Websites to Keep Learning New Skills

Online Learning Websites
Are you still trying to think of a wise target this year to work towards? How about being overwhelmed with learning a new skill? Or even better, many! Just imagine, you could be coding your website by the end of the year, talking in Spanish, networking with ease, writing your first book, or using the DSLR camera properly. You don't have to leave your sofa, much less take a student loan from some of the best teachers and educational institutions in the world to learn these and thousands of other skills.

To stay competitive in this work market, you have to keep your skills "up to snuff" and think constantly about ways to improve your knowledge. Hanging a fancy diploma on the wall is not enough, so rest on your laurels. There's a course for almost everything from the Mandarin language lessons to computer programming boot camps and digital marketing workshops. Plus, several courses are available online for free. Learning a new skill and taking ahead in your current job, or a new gig, has never been easier. These 5 online learning websites as given by a coursework writing service, will help you learn new skills:

With more than 1,500 courses to choose from, Coursera will teach you many new skills in virtually every area a university has to offer — business, social sciences, math, life sciences, and humanities, to name a few. Coursera works with 140 educational institutions around the globe to provide engaging quizzes and video lectures. Many learners also get peer-graded evaluations and social support. Some courses are free while others cost as much as $400 (this price requires an official completion certificate). It offers online courses developed by universities and partner organizations from around the world. Stanford University, Princeton University, and the University of Michigan are among other prominent universities. Coursera is a strong resource for free online education, with a wide variety of courses covering Physics, Engineering, Medicine, Accounting, Computer Science and more!

Skillshare offers more than 2,500 self-paced classes spanning creative arts, architecture, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and technology with a focus on "know by doing" More than 200 courses are free, but you can either pay for each course or become a member for just $10 a month (after a two-week free trial) if you want to access the rest. Skillshare allows students to learn through project uploads and partnerships. While industry leaders have taught many of the courses on Skillshare, the ability to become a teacher is now available to all.

The Curious model — bite-sized parts, attachments, and activities, is based upon the premise that people who "stretch their brain" for a few minutes a day are happier, more productive, and live longer. More than 20,000 lessons are offered by Curious: you can learn how to tie camping knots, master card tricks, train a puppy, bake a wedding cake, and even grow a great memory. You can have an easy access to lessons on any device. You start a 30-day free trial after a lengthy "CQ Interview" to create your personal learning wheel and then pay $89.99 for an unlimited year of access. Curiously, 70 percent of subscription fees are channeled back to the 1,700 teachers who supply the materials.

Gmb Fitness
The goal of GMB is to make you better at whatever task you enjoy. GMB focuses on "movement retraining" and "physical autonomy" with a continuum of training programs that develop strength, endurance, and body control. Plans begin with basic movement, progress towards flexibility and strength, and eventually turn to specific skills such as using gymnastic rings and parallel. GMB also provides a comprehensive library of papers and tutorials focused on free research and technology. Pricing varies, but the training programs may be bought individually or in packages. Unlimited access will cost up to $995.

A website for life, work and small business how-to materials, Guides.co features hundreds of guides. Examples may include: getting few first customers or organizing kitchen etc. The guides are organized like a book and feature easy-to-navigate sections, interactive content, and on-page discussion forums. The author may update the guides at any time, but unlike with a novel, the material can remain up to date. Guides.co helps businesses create branded mini-sites to replace existing white papers, e-books and user manuals.

Prices Range from Free (mostly) to $200 for the Guide:
There are many other online learning websites like Khan Academy. They practice drills, instructional videos, and a customized learning platform that empowers learners to study in and out of the classroom at their own pace. They also partner with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.

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