How to Write Theoretical Chapters of PhD Dissertation

PhD Dissertation
Are you facing difficulty in writing the theoretical framework of your dissertation? If YES, do not worry; today’s article has covered you. Know that not every chapter of a PhD dissertation is about theory. Some chapters are based on data and its analysis. Most of the time, students face difficulties writing the theoretical chapters of a dissertation. As discussed earlier, you have come to the right place. Today, this article is going to describe how to master those chapters for the best possible results. Hence, let’s start this discussion right away.

How to write the theoretical chapters?

Mastering the theory chapters is like mastering the whole dissertation. The theory chapters can be very tricky to write as they are the “blueprints” of your whole research. The readers get to know about the quality of your dissertation by reading those chapters first. Hence, a brief description of the ways to write them is as follows:

Write them Yourself

You are the writer for your dissertation, so you should be aware of its theory. It means that you should know your stuff and have the expertise to write. You must structure your PhD dissertation by describing your own original ideas. The supervisors do not like dissertations that provide quotes from other authors. Therefore, the first thing is that you should write the chapters yourself and present your own ideas.

Talk about your research

Presenting a large amount of text about the findings of other authors does not do any good to your dissertation. Your supervisor wants to see your knowledge about the conducted research in theoretical research chapters. Simply copying, pasting or paraphrasing the content of others will not work for you. The theory must tell the supervisor that you have done this research and you know all about this. Failure to do can lead you to viva, and that can not be easy. Therefore, you must talk about your research.

Review extensive literature

A literature review is an essential theory chapter that every dissertation includes. To write this section of your dissertation, you must do extensive literature research. Without finding relevant papers and research, you cannot compose this chapter. It is impossible to write this chapter without reading relevant literature.

Know the research methods

Research methods are an important part of the methodology chapter of your dissertation. You must know all the information about them to write them in the best manner. Along with this, to write a PhD dissertation, you must know about the research variables. Those variables will help you a lot in writing the methodology chapter.


The theory chapters of a PhD dissertation are not easy for any student. You must explore the internet and get all the relevant material sorted before writing them down. Create an outline and list down the relevant resources for the outline it will help in organising your research better. The literature review alone requires you to read dozens of research papers. Therefore, the ways mentioned above can help you a lot. You must follow them to produce the best theoretical chapters for your dissertation.

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