How Education Can Impact On Your Lifestyle

Education has become one of the most important indicators in our life’s outcomes because it is necessary to get a better job, it is necessary to multiply our income and it is also necessary for better social status etc. Education is also known as a strong predictor of attitude and well-being of a human being. After acquiring higher education, one can use it to shape his social identity, to take better care of his health and to build a better relationship with other people. Here, we will discuss the impacts of education written by assignment writing service on our lifestyle. 

1) Education promotes health

It is a fact that people who are educated are healthier than people who are not educated. Educated people are well aware of the fact that what they should eat and how much they should eat. They also know the possible impacts of excessive food on human health. Educated people also know the importance of exercise for their health. They also have enough knowledge of how to save themselves and their family members from some specific diseases. According to the results of research, the people who have completed secondary school education have 75% lowered the risk of HIV. By knowing all of these things, they can easily adopt such a lifestyle that is helpful for them to promote health. 

2) Education provides economic growth

Education is known as the first priority for the steady economic growth of a country. This steady economic growth of a country also lasts lots of positive impacts on a human being. If education rate in a country is increasing every year, the average earnings of their residents are also increasing at the rate of 10% annually. Quality education also lasts some positive impacts on the GDP of a country. By providing quality education to our residents, we can also increase the GDP of our country up to 1%. If a developing country provides the same education to boys as to girls, it will also gain $90 billion every year. All of these things have a direct impact on the lifestyle of an educated person. 

3) Education minimizes malnutrition

One of the severe problems that developing countries are facing is malnutrition. Malnutrition has some bad impacts on residents of these developing countries. Due to malnutrition, their farmers are not able to grow the required amount of crops from their fields. As a result, there is a possibility of famine in these countries. The only solution to this problem is to educate men and women. After getting an education, they will be able to grow more and more crops from their fields. Their women will also be able to work with men to gain more and more crops from their fields. 

4) Education closes the gender gap

For most of the years, the women were not able to get an education like men in schools and colleges. This thing creates a huge gender gap. Due to illiteracy, uneducated women are not able to make better decisions for their future. As a result, this is an alarming situation for a nation. On the other hand, if we provide equal chances of education to men as well as to women, it will be possible for us to demolish these kinds of issues from our societies. 

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