Plan Your 10,000 Words Dissertation To Complete In A Week

Basically, writing a 10,000 words dissertation in a week seems impossible but it’s not a difficult task if you have a proper plan. Indeed, you must think that you can’t afford procrastination. Doing work with a solid plan proves beneficial for all the students, because, in their planning, they will decide what they should do in the next hours. Keep in mind that you are making a plan to complete your dissertation in seven days. Making a solid plan keeps you encouraged and you will be motivated to complete your task in given days. Although, writing 10,000 words in seven days is a challenging task, yet, you can accomplish your task with hard efforts.

Writing an outstanding dissertation requires deep research and a lot of information. So, you should decide about research and writing in five days. Two days are enough to proofread and edit your dissertation. After completing a dissertation, binding is also very essential, because, it gives you a chance to gain good grades. You should keep in mind that 5 days are enough to write a dissertation. Let’s discuss a complete plan for writing a dissertation.

Divide your work in days 

Before starting your dissertation, you should divide your work in days. Dividing the work will allow you to concentrate on your work and achieve your goal. With the divination, you can organize your project correct. Time management is most essential. Keep in mind your working speed. For example, if you are able to write 500 words per hours then you should manage 6 to 7 hours work in which you can write 1500 words on daily bases. You can write 2000 words per day. You should think that what has to be done? 

Wake up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning is a good habit that you should adopt in order to achieve your goal. Deep and good research is very essential; therefore, you should make deep research. You should organize and collect good materials. A high-quality dissertation requires effort and deep research. If you will write 2000 words per day then you will be able to write 10,000 words in 5 days. Left remaining 2 days for editing and proofreading. You should write 8 pages every day with high quality. You can search online about your topic. Selecting topic is also difficult, but you should select an interesting and good topic. 

Get help from your friends

Getting help from your friends will open a new horizon of knowledge. If your friend is free and he has experience in writing dissertation then you should get help from him. For example, if you are typing and your friend makes research then you will be able to complete your task. Friends contributions will facilities you in the whole process of dissertation writing. However, don’t feel stress and pressure during writing, indeed, you should feel relax and calm.

Write an introduction in one day 

Writing an introduction in one day is not difficult, but you should keep in mind that introduction is the most essential part of your dissertation and you should write it with deep research. In this section, you should highlight all important points with short detail. The introduction is first impression that reader feels. If the quality of introduction is not well that won’t get good grades. So, write it very carefully and in outstanding words. You can use power words and keywords in the introduction part. Don’t be limited in research and don’t try to copy the work of others, because, it will be considered plagiarism. Having plagiarism in work will not give you good grades.

Take healthy meals and get proper sleep

In the whole process of writing, don’t become a lazy instant. If you will not get proper sleep then you will not able to write a high-quality dissertation. Write all the chapters very carefully and don’t include too many details. Divide your dissertation into paragraphs and write one important point in each paragraph. Writing a complete dissertation in a week does not mean that you will choose loneliness. You should attend all your social activities but in free time. 

Conclusion and proofreading

By following your plan, you will complete your dissertation in 5 days. In the remaining 2 days, you should bind it very carefully. Proofread and edit your dissertation with complete concentration. The conclusion part should be effective and high quality written. To conclude my discussion, I would like to suggest that writing a dissertation is not difficult if you will make some efforts. So, don’t lose your heart and try to achieve your goal at any cost. 

Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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